Things That Make You Love The Garmin Golf Distance Finder

If you are going to invest in a golf tool which will help you improve your score in the blinking eye of time, then you could take time to discover the Garmin golf distance finder.

This product line has true yardage to several parts such as green, hazards, layup areas, etc. We want to support you to know more details about the Garmin golf distance finder to catch all the challenges in the course from countries to the world. In other words, you can bring it to any course and show your talent! Let’s start…

An overview of the Garmin Approach G8

The Garmin Approach G8 continues to have a high-quality model with lots of new features than other previous versions. It means that it can offer distances from the back of the green to the front or center side.

Also, it ought to select the right hazards to meet any aimed hole on the course. Furthermore, you can plan your performance first thanks to the various layup arcs like 250 yards, 200, 150, 100, and so on.

Do you want to adjust the slope distances while playing? If so, go with the Garmin G8 because it has the latest feature that other golf GPS devices do not include, except the Garmin S7. In addition, you enable to choose the type of clubs that you want to try and receive some notifications from this information through email, message, and call alerts.

What should you do when you have no idea about the blind the spot? The Garmin Approach G8 can help you to find out the right point in the center of the green. Then, you ought to download course updates through wireless.

With the 15-hour battery life, you do not have to rush to recharge it after playing or while playing. 4 players can use the gadget at the same time and show more statistics like the paths of hit and putts.

See other amazing things in the Garmin Approach G8 are waiting for you to discover

You absolutely try to use this new tool as soon as possible. However, you should get some initial experience in advance. You need to turn it on by taking the power button on the side of the slim 1.3cm device. Then, you press the Play button on the screen and the Approach G8 to find the appropriate course you are going to play with the entire process.

With the 3.9×6.5cm screen, this is an incredible size for any golfer to see everything in the console to adjust whatever they want to.

The graphics are also bright even if when you look it in the dark or a little low power. If you want to read from a distance, then you could touch the top right icon on the screen which brings up the bigger numbers for all the sides of yardages.

Nowadays, most smart devices always have the touch screen and the Garmin Approach G8 has the two side buttons under the screen and this really supports the usability.

You should click the bottom right button reaches the green view so you ought to see the green shape easier. Drag the flag around the screen and adjust something to reflect the new position.

The other button in the bottom left also places on the scoring screen which might be available to 4 players. You click the number of shots you have gotten to hit 6 which is faster than scroll up 2 for a double bogey at any time.

Take time to explore some helpful features in settings of the Garmin Approach S8 because some are competition factors while could not. In the Club Advice, you may catch the yardages you want to use and the Garmin S8 probably suggests the right locations for you on the bottom of the display.

Furthermore, it retains your score to par if you do not get a hole. In case you want to have the whole points, you should enter a score for the hole you like which probably annoy if you create several pars.

Typically, the Garmin S8 will have gotten the information from the maps it used to make the golf courses to grow and develop in the elevation. If the flag is reached 90 yards, it will have another factor near it with an up arrow 93 yards like the great yardage left.

The Lay-Up function is totally helpful when you touch the screen on the hole to catch a new target to slide around the screen to help you find the layup distance. The Pin Pointer is capable if you are blocked out. Then, you cannot see the hole clearly because it reaches to the middle of the green.

Last but not least…

When you open the box of the Garmin Approach G8, you can find out a USB charging cable, an AC adapter, a karabiner clip. However, please note that these not attach to the main device.

Additionally, the Garmin Approach S8 is lightweight and small to put it into your pocket. It is said that the universal bag is the right one to bring this tool and it helps you to clip it on while moving.

When you want to charge the battery, do not forget to use a mini USB cable which is taken to the rear of the device behind a protective rubber. The gadget also has a hefty price so that everyone can pay it at a reasonable level.


Every golfer can purchase the Garmin Approach S8 and use it to be an excellent tool for any course to break any obstacle. Go to the shop and select it to meet the next playing time immediately!

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