Understand Deer Senses to Have a Successful Journey

Have you ever asked why most experienced deer hunters often take a lot of bucks on their carts? Do they have any secret that you do not know? Aside from your deer hunting skills and techniques, you should know deer senses to improve your hunting range. This is also the secret of advanced hunters to support their game. For you, you absolutely find out these by getting information and try to do.

Deer have good eyesight than humans (especially white-tailed deer)

Are you proud of your eyes are good and you enable to see anything? Think twice because some sorts have perfect eyesight that you may surprise. And white-tailed deer is among of them.

According to a research of Dr. Karl Miller at the University of Georgia indicates that deer have strong vision than other species in the world. He uses some optical instruments to study does and bucks. Then, he recognizes 4 amazing things:

•    Deer can see well than humans more than 5 times and they ought to see something appears to be far away.

•    Bucks ought to see both yellow shades and the blue ones, but they cannot see well in the reds or green ones.

•    Deer possibly find out the slightest clue of movement.

•   In order to take a 3D look at a strange object which could show danger sign, a buck needs to see it from various angles. This is the reason why their heads have to turn from side to side on a regular basis.

Another great point that you should draw attention to. A deer can make a fake sign or a misleading signal and prepare for her or his escape when “smelling a dangerous point”.

For example, a grown doe find you randomly. He does not run immediately. Instead, he stares at you and begins his bobbing and head-ducking. He is giving you a solid vision and then you feel freeze.

When he stops and appears, he continues to make a fake sign to you in a couple of minutes. Then, he can look off other sides and challenges you to shoot him. At that time, he probably finds his great way to run. Or he is making a sign to his accomplices to solve this issue. A wise predator will do the same thing like that!

Deer can recognize high sounds

Although deer cannot hear like humans, they ought to realize high sounds that we might not. The regular sound is often measured in hertz.

Some studies have shown that a healthy man enables to hear between 20 and 20,000 hertz. The best frequency of sound in human beings ranges from 2,000 to 5,000 Hertz. With a deer, he or she can have from 3,000 to 8,000 Hertz.

Deer possibly smell you nearly a half mile

Deer’s nose has the similar sense of dogs! Do not surprise when you do not why a doe can see you first even if you are hiding.

Most scientists indicate that whitetails also have many sensitive receptors in their nostrils. It means that they can find out 6 smells at a certain time. Thus, if a deer can smell you, you will know that your game would close sooner for that special hunt.

You should monitor your scent control when coming to your hunting range by using ideal kind of deer scent in the right season.

For example, you can use deer urine to attract another doe or a buck at any deer hunting season. By doing this, you will remove your own smell and cover deer smell to hide you from a deep forest. However, this technique is not easy to undertake as deer can recognize you are not a real deer completely.

Deer often have a wider view than humans

Most deer often have a great vision from 250 to 270 degrees that support a buck may scan the wood fields and choose predator movement or just modify the horizon. Nevertheless, deer cannot good at the movement of the above horizon, so you ought to keep some movement away from a tree stand on the surface. Be careful about that!


Figuring out the senses of an animal first is also a smart way to help you have a better hunting game in the forthcoming time. With deer, you probably study this type of animal about their shape, their size, their habits, etc. and do not miss out their senses. These can be helped you or they could put you in a water area because you have nothing in your cart at the end of the day.

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