Do You Know Adventure Running?

If you love outdoor activities, then you could not miss out adventure running. You may feel excited when hearing it, but do you know what is adventure running? Here is what you need to know about this outdoor category.

What is Adventure Running?

Adventure running is also called adventure racing, trail running or mountain running. This is another form of running which often requires athletes adapt large distances and other terrains.

Some common roads could be a flat surface, sand, tarmac, dirt tracks, mud, grass, mountain trails. In addition to the harsh hazards, runners also have to face other conditions like snow, temperatures, crossing rivers, and so many unexpected environments.

It is said that adventure racing is an eventual race of human endurance. A team of 4 athletes run and they have to face other obstacles in the course of 800km in length. Each course is a specific trip such as trail running, kayaking, mountain biking, rope work.

The team should use both a map and a compass via remote checkpoints. They do not only fight but also bear other uncomfortable conditions like sleep deprivation, various climates, extreme tiredness. Additionally, if a member of a team gives up, the whole team is stopped.

What about adventure running in India?

Adventure running is a special adventure sport in India. However, it is limited in a group of loving this category. Most adventure races are organized in Ladakh.

How is adventure running attractive?

The basic point of adventure running is an attractive activity for those who love adventurous events. This is also a powerful tool to connect other people to become a team or a group and meet a target.

This is also known a team sport, so you probably do well to watch events in an area and making a relationship to others. When you can figure out a true group, you totally can find motivation and a precious support. It looks like a hidden fire inside you!

Vital gear

To begin with, an adventure running, you should take a mountain bike, hydration pack, and necessary running gear to participate in events. You enable to find these events in South Africa like kayaking as a part of the entry fee.

Moreover, you need to invest in some hiking gear, cold weather outfit, trekking poles, canoeing and climbing tools as well. Oh, do not miss out to buy a pair of shoes before…strong shoes…!

In case you are going to run on a soft ground, you could have shoes which have fewer cushions. In harder surfaces like tarmacked roads, you should wear more cushion shoes to support your feet, heel, ankles, and knees. In snow or ice condition, adding crampons in your shoes would make you have a better grip.

Moreover, you ought to bring a tent, a sleeping bag, and sleeping pad.

Some tips to have a great adventure racing trip

Find the right place to start your journey

There are bunches of places for making your adventure racing around the world. You should make a small list before. This is my own list that you may consider – Yorkshire Dales, Tuff Enuff, Robin Hoods Bay, Nottingham, Manchester, London, Cardiff, Hever Castle Triathlon, Edinburgh, Ireland Coast2Coast, etc.

Make your plan in advance

As this outdoor activity is quite different from others, you should read further sources and talk to any person who knows about it. Then, you need to use maps to find the place and do not forget to research more details. After that, study all topographical maps as many as you can.

Be sure you can do

Though there are many places, you need to make sure that you fit on the right one. It also includes how you feel.

Build a solid network

This network means persons are willing to help you. It also consists of adding food and gear. In my opinion, you should make a checklist and stick with each category when you have prepared. It is better to ask for help from another experienced person.

Avoid running too many times

You should understand your body and know your limits. In the path, arrange the break time to make your body recover. You do not want to get dangerous situations while running, don’t you?!

Check and update the local weather on a regular basis

Take part in an adventure running means that you also depend on the outside climate. Checking the weather forecast is definitely important on your performance. This also helps you determine the place to go when making a plan and during your adventure. Do not be subjective!

Stay focused on your nutrient

To make your body healthier, you should not miss out the nutrition before – during – and after the event. If not, an ambulance will say hello to you easily!


Adventure running is so incredible when you make a plan and prepare some important things before. After participating, you also need to maintain your body; especially your muscle group to evade injury.

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